Industrial & technical transportation services

We adapt to your technical needs

24/48h, Less-than-truckloads (LTL), Full truckloads (FTL), Swap body freight containers, Oversized vehicles, Shuttle buses, Night drives, Emergency transportation and After-sales services, Last minute deliveries…

With an extensive fleet of technical vehicles and an investment policy that fulfills a wide range of needs, tlr is able to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

TLR serves regionally, nationally, and in most of france’s bordering countries

TLR handles industrial and technical transportation on a daily basis for the following sectors: building construction, energy, public works, metal construction, metalworking, equipment rental, drilling specialists…

They also handle the transportation of tower cranes, construction equipment, concrete form panels, drum reels, generators, scaffolding equipment, bungalows, freight containers, and industrial equipment…

To complete our offer, TLR provides on demand service for LTL and FTL along with specialized, tailor-made services for swap body freight containers and last minute deliveries. These services are provided in coordination with TLR’s complementary services in logistics and oversized transportation.

A large selection of equipment for all your needs

TLR chooses the most suitable equipment for your pick-up and delivery needs. Our equipment park includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tautliners with side and tailgate loading capabilities,
  • A large range of flatbeds, crane platforms, crane transporters and trailers, platform carriers with trailers,
  • Trailer transporters, swap body carriers,
  • Flatbed and tautline carriers for difficult access zones,
  • Vans, and drum reel carriers.

Tailor-made services

TLR can meet all of your product and equipment removal and delivery needs on industrial and construction worksites.

With TLR’s operational service you are guaranteed a personalized interaction with our team. You’re given direct contact information for one of our representatives who knows the specificities of your activity and security needs.

You can also take advantage of an EDI communication system.

Resources and strengths

  • Tautliners (side / tailgate loading).
  • Flatbeds
  • Crane platforms.
  • Crane and trailer platforms.
  • Platform carriers with trailers.
  • Trailer transporters.
  • Swap body carriers.
  • Flatbed carriers.
  • Dollies • Tautliners (difficult access).
  • Vans.
  • Trailers for drum reels.
  • Industrial worksite pick-up and delivery.
  • Construction sites (use of GPS coordinates, if necessary).
  • Personalized customer service and follow-up.
  • Knowledge of the specificities of your activity and security needs.
  • EDI communication system.

Areas of operation

  • Building & Construction,
  • Energy
  • Metal construction,
  • Metalworking industry,
  • Equipment rental companies,
  • Drilling specialists,
  • Tower cranes,
  • Construction material,
  • Concrete form panels,
  • Drum reels,
  • Generators,
  • Scaffolding equipment,
  • Bungalows,
  • Freight containers
  • Industrial equipment.