Our certifications

Respect for proper procedures, quality assurance, and continuous improvement of everyday workings are all areas of TLR’s business that benefit from industry certification.

Iso 9001 v2008

All the activities, all the sites and all the employees of the company TLR Robinet act in compliance with the quality standards of the ISO 9001 v2008 certification.

SQAS – Safety & Quality Assessment System

TLR complies with the standards established by the CEFIC (European Council of Federations of the Chemical Industry), and the UIC (Union of Chemical Industries), on which the company is regularly audited. SQAS certification provides assurance to chemical companies that are TLR customers, that their operations are carried out safely and in a manner that is respectful of the environment, the health of employees and the public. SQAS is a tool that allows to evaluate, in a uniform way, the management systems of quality, hygiene and safety and environment of transport and logistics providers.


TLR has signed the CO2 charter and has committed to this in a multi-year plan to reduce its CO2 emissions.

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ATMD : The French Association of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods

– participate in all discussions with the French and European authorities on the regulation of road transport of dangerous goods,
– studies and puts in place, with administrations and elected officials, a policy as well as effective measures to ensure security,
– partners with relevant ministries on technical experiences to improve equipment
– participate in the establishment of common French and European rules on training, materials and standards,
– informs its members on all matters concerning the transport of dangerous goods,
– develop relations with other representative associations of the road transport of dangerous goods in the different countries of the EEC, as well as in other countries.