The FLO group

Since 2001, TLR has been an active member of the Group FLO. This Group, created in 1993, is one of the most advanced organizations in France. The Group FLO is based on an exchange of practices between professionals, a pooling of resources, innovation and a global approach to progress in transportation and logistics.

Due to its partnership with the group FLO, TLR has been able to improve its performance concerning safety measures, sustainable development, and productivity!


The Group FLO has promoted the implementation of a guide to good practices for drivers and eco-driving, both of which have greatly increased the safety and productivity of its collaborators.

Sustainable Development

The majority of members of the Group FLO, including the TLR, fully endorsed the CO2 charter initiated by Ademe. Members frequently exchange ideas and working practices on the topic of sustainable development.


Members of the Group FLO work together to create favorable working conditions, optimize and pool their purchases, and learn about the efficiency of IT and management systems.
In 2009, the Group FLO became a shareholder of B2PWEB, which has since become the main Freight and Vehicule Exchange for transportation professionals in France.
TLR is also a shareholder of FLO-PALLETS, one of the largest services in France for the transportation of up to 5 pallets.