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TLR, a committed player

Our commitments

TLR's teams are mobilized around the Eden Charter, a veritable compendium of TLR's values in terms of corporate social responsibility and commitment to environmental protection.

This initiative covers the following themes:

1. Each person's responsibilities with regard to communications, proper application of regulations, integrity, commitment to excellence, transparency and respect for confidentiality.

2. Business practices and marketing.

3. Health, safety and quality of life at work.

4. Human resources and team cohesion.


Our management system mobilizes our teams around values that serve our customers and the long-term future of our expertise.

➔ The constant quest for excellence, i.e. "100% satisfied customers".

➔ A pro-active approach to suggest advice and continuous improvement.

➔ An innovative approach based on safe, controlled solutions.

➔ Process traceability, transparency, reliability, to enable trust.

➔ The safety of road users and men at work on loading and delivery sites.

➔ Demanding with performance as the goal.

➔ The search for sustainable solutions that respect the environment.

➔ Training and qualification in a "trade" approach.

➔ A selective choice of our partners for their commitment in line with our values.

TLR is equipped with "clean" vehicles

0 %

Euro 6 and Euro 5 HGVs

0 %

of AdBlue® and SCR-equipped HGVs

0 years

Average age of engines *

10 à0 %

of our sales invested each year in fleet renewal

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