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Logistics & warehouse operations

With 20,000m² of warehousing space at Pôle 45 in Orléans, TLR provides you with comprehensive logistics services.

TLR, a full-service logistics provider, offers a range of services including order preparation, packaging, warehousing, and management of your stocks, shipments and return flows. With a 20,000 m² site at Pôle 45 in Orléans, TLR can provide first-rate logistics services from a strategic location for managing your goods flows.

With direct links to the company's industrial transport, abnormal loads, express and palletized parcel services, and access to the networks of our many partners, TLR guarantees the efficiency of your logistics operations.

Why logistics with TLR?

Our customized order-picking service is equipped with a warehouse management system that interfaces with your information system. TLR handles all operations such as cross-docking, sorting, labeling, distribution, packaging, piece picking, parcel picking, co-packing and management of your promotional operations.

TLR offers a wide range of storage services: palletized storage, rack storage, sprinkled storage, e-commerce, mass storage, exceptional storage for handling equipment such as agricultural machinery, construction equipment, coils, transformers, etc.

  1. A secure 20,000 m² site,
  2. A perfect knowledge of logistics real estate in the Central Region for all customized projects,
  3. Directly coordinated with the company's batch transport, industrial transport, exceptional transport, express transport and palletized parcel services, TLR's logistics services benefit from a genuine flow dynamic for your upstream and downstream production storage, and your order picking.
  4. Palletized storage, sprinkle.
  5. Mass storage on indoor and outdoor surfaces,
  6. Industrial storage for handling equipment: agricultural machinery, construction equipment, drums, transformers, etc.
  7. Electronic data interchange (EDI)

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